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Hetalia Hunger Games pt. 5
I crossed my arms over my chest in disapproval.  I was relieved France lasted this long, but my thoughts worried for our children.
"I'm just glad you're safe.  I'm sorry, but I need to search for America and Canada.  I don't know what I'd do if they died.  Are you able to walk?"
Nodding his head in understanding, he gradually began to stand on his boots.
"I can move, but I don't know how agilely though."
Getting up, I handed him two of the five packs, and hoisted the other three on my shoulder.  
"Don't worry," I said, winking, "Great Britain has your back."
Gleaming, he followed me out of the cave, and I took in the fresh air.  Scanning around for any other countries, I placed an arrow in my bow, ready to fire if necessary.
"Stay behind me at all costs.  If I get compromised, use your gun.  Also, if I tell you to run, promise me you will."
He seemed rather shocked with my words, as he shook his head.
"There's no way I'd-"
"Just promise me, Franc
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Hetalia Hunger Games pt. 4
I couldn't help but gleam as the voice came off the speakers.
'France, Canada, America; they're still alive!  Now all I have to do is search for them.'
Journeying into the icy shadows of the trees, I kept my bow in hand just in case.  Running across a small cave, I stuck my head inside, to find a resting country lying on the floor.
'Turkey?  I better kill him before he wakes up.'
Kneeling down next to him, I removed an arrow from my quiver, and stabbed it through his eye.  Hollering in pain, I kept shoving the sharp item until it stuck out the other side of his head.  Ceasing any movement, I sighed and placed the arrow back in its holder.  Deciding to settle down, I laid the four new packs side by side.  Unzipping one, it contained a canteen filled to the brim with water, and a steel knife.  Opening up another bag, what sat inside were a piece of what I thought was deer meat, a small case filled with some sort of healing ointment, and a blanket.  The third duffel contained a pistol, an
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Hetalia Hunger Games pt. 3
Silently dragging me away in the opposite direction of the Cornucopia, I trembled in Russia's firm grip.  Gathering up some courage, I stomped on his foot hard enough that he screeched.  Throwing me to the ground, I attempted to place an arrow into my bow, but I received a piercing kick in the stomach from the larger than made me cease.  Groaning in pain, the Russian bent down next to me, and touched my head with a metal faucet pipe.  Shivering from the sudden cold, I watched his fuming expression transform into a gleeful smile.
"Stand up, my dear England."
Grimacing, I spit in his eye, and viewed him fall back in shock.  Crawling for my weapon, a harsh clutch was felt on my leg.
"I said, stand up."
Sneering, I inched closer towards by bow, until I felt a severe pain in my back.  With another bash of his pipe on my spine, I gradually got on my feet.  His murderous look was replaced with a gleam, and that frightened me.
"Good boy, now put your back against that tree over there."
I could
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Hetalia Hunger Games pt. 2
I never meant for this to happen, but it wasn't my fault!  He attacked me first, so I'm innocent, yes?
'Oh shite, I just murdered Denmark!'
Panting like a rabid dog, I decided to hunt for some game to calm my nerves.
'I better move the body though; I cannot let anyone know I'm here.'
Dragging the corpse, I discovered a small flowing river, surrounded by algae and various rocks.  Delicately dropping the body in the rushing water, I watched as it rolled away, never to be seen again.
'That takes care of that; now if only I had a container to store some water…'
Pushing the thought aside, I knew I could always come back.  Bending down next to the stream, I cupped a little of the liquid into my hand, and slurped it up.  Suddenly, soft rustles were heard from behind me, so I quickly stood back up.  Readying an arrow for my bow, I slowly stalked into the direction of the shuffling.
"Who's there?"
Calling out wasn't the smartest move, but I wanted to get this over with.
'I just want to go home.
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Hetalia Hunger Games pt. 1
Gradually lifting my eyelids, a small groan was released from my thin lips.  As I tended to my penetrating headache, I immediately sat up.  I was caged in a cylinder container, along with other nations I immediately recognized.  Outside of the clear tube was a grassy plain and thick woods farther out.  About twenty yards away, was a large gold cornucopia, with at least thirty duffel bags surrounding it.  I checked myself for any wounds, and found a small puncture under my sleeve.
'Was I injected?'
"Hello there, my fellow contestants.  Is everyone awake yet?"
If anyone was still asleep, they were awake now.  Listening to the voice coming from above, I couldn't place a name on it.
"My name is Panem, and I'm a new country.  For me to take over, all of you weaklings must die, and what better way for it to happen by you ending each other's lives?"
I felt my anger boiling inside me; this guy's insane!
"We can't die, we're nations!  Besides, there's no way you could get us to murder each othe
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