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November 27, 2012
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Gradually lifting my eyelids, a small groan was released from my thin lips.  As I tended to my penetrating headache, I immediately sat up.  I was caged in a cylinder container, along with other nations I immediately recognized.  Outside of the clear tube was a grassy plain and thick woods farther out.  About twenty yards away, was a large gold cornucopia, with at least thirty duffel bags surrounding it.  I checked myself for any wounds, and found a small puncture under my sleeve.

'Was I injected?'

"Hello there, my fellow contestants.  Is everyone awake yet?"

If anyone was still asleep, they were awake now.  Listening to the voice coming from above, I couldn't place a name on it.

"My name is Panem, and I'm a new country.  For me to take over, all of you weaklings must die, and what better way for it to happen by you ending each other's lives?"

I felt my anger boiling inside me; this guy's insane!

"We can't die, we're nations!  Besides, there's no way you could get us to murder each other!"

I doubted that he heard me, until a chuckle blasted through my eardrums.

"Silly silly England, a country can't die from old age, but it doesn't mean one can't be killed.  Whoever's the last one standing will join me as we rule the world!"

I scoffed at his words, and banged my fists on the resilient glass.  Observing the others attempt to break the material, more laughter was overheard from the speakers.    

"This is how it works: a countdown will begin, and the ampules will rise.  You'll have a chance to grab a weapon, and a bag filled with necessities…maybe.  Then you get to run like hell!  Good luck, and don't die!"

I couldn't believe this was happening, as numbers going down were perceived.  Viewing my fellow countries, I watched in horror as a few began to cry and holler.  The countdown started from sixty, and I suddenly began to tremor.  

"W-What happens if we don't?  You can't force us!"

A light giggle was heard from the speakers, and a horrid response I was given.

"If you don't fight, I'll bomb every single country; killing your citizens.  Goodbye."

'No, no no no!'

"Ten, nine…"

I listened to the timer counting down, and felt a sigh escape my lips.  

'I have to fight for my people.'


An ear-splitting siren was heard, as the containers were lifted.  I just stood there, observing the other nations take off.  Coming to my senses, I started my sprint towards the golden figure.  Swiftly dodging a knife thrown my way, I reached down for a bag, and picked up a bow and quiver full of arrows.  Taking off in the other direction, I rotated by neck behind me while increasing my pace.  I saw Switzerland with a large rifle, Liechtenstein behind him.  Watching Latvia being smashed to the ground by Russia's hand, I turned back around.  Running for at least half a mile, I finally began to slow down.  Catching my breath, I fell down and unzipped my bag.  I found a small container of untitled pills and a loaf of bread.

'Just perfect…my family!'

I was so focused on getting out of there, I didn't even stop to think of America, Canada, or France.  

'What if they're dead; what if they're dead and it's my entire fault?'

I wanted to sob, to scream, but I held it in due to fear.

'I cannot let myself be found.'

To pass the time, I decided to hunt down some game.  Listening to the sound of chirping birds, I aimed my bow, and shot.  Watching the animal all from the sky, I stepped silently and retrieved it.  As I placed it inside my bag, I realized I should find shelter.   Eyes scanning for anything close by, I found the tallest tree around.  Tossing my bag on one of the higher branches, I began to climb up.  Suddenly, shuffling footsteps were heard crunching on broken leaves, and I quickened my pace.  Sitting atop a thick branch, I looked down to see who it was.  A grin sprouted on my face realization, as I began my climb to the floor, bow strapped over my back.

'Denmark and I have been friends for decades now; we can be allies!'

I couldn't restrain my widening smile, jumping onto the ground.  The country was taken aback, raising an axe into the air.  Backing up, I elevated my hands to show I wasn't a threat.

"Denmark it's me, England!  I'm so glad I ran into you, we can form an alli-"

The sound of the other nation cutting through the atmosphere with his weapon made me cease.  He screamed and charged towards me, axe ready to taste blood.  Acting on impulse, I speedily grabbed my bow and fired an arrow into Denmark's head.
My first post! :D Hope you like~ Please comment!

Part 2: [link]
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Haha you'll just have to wait and see; I already have two other parts up! :D
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